Trips Full Of Learning Experiences!

Students Abroad-Missoula provides cultural and  language immersion trips to high school students.

These four week trips continue the tradition of immersion study abroad in Spanish speaking countries. Students live with host families while studying language, history and art. Missoula students have brought donated clothing, shoes and books, and worked as volunteers in poor rural schools and orphanages. With this type of trip, students live within the culture rather than observe it from a bus. Many are changed forever, no matter where their future leads them. They become the culturally and globally aware citizen, or leader, that this world needs.

In the past, each traveller has covered their own expenses. The reality is that without scholarships, foreign travel of this sort is only possible for those students who have sufficient financial backing from home. This excludes a large segment of our youth who we believe should be included in this type of culturally broadening experience. 

We believe that these trips are an essential part of development of our future citizens and leaders, and that they should be available students from all financial backgrounds. Through our non-profit organization we are asking you to help us offer scholarships for students from families that are designated low income. Consider the impact of such a trip on those students who can only dream about such a life changing, educational adventure, and let us know how you want to help.

Our Students

Goodwill Ambassadors

Students bring school supplies, donated clothing, shoes, and other materials to orphanages and poor rural schools.


Students assist in the schools they visit. They teach English to the Peruvian students with games and songs. They also learn a few words of the Quechua language.


Quotes from others:

Going to Peru in high school gave me an advantage in college. It gave me the cultural awareness that many students today do not have. Hannah J.

The Peru trip allowed me to practice Spanish and gain more insight into Peruvian culture. The home-stay and volunteer experiences set the trip apart from a vacation.  Andy V.

Kieran IS different now - more self-confident, calm ... he's thinking about the world and his adult life in a very new way.  Thank you.